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    Support A worthy Cause

    L.A. Green Grounds is a grassroots organization of community volunteers dedicated to working with residents of south Los Angeles, Ca.   With your support we're able to transform lawns and parkways into California native and edible landscapes.  To date, LAGG has installed over 20 edible gardens.  Good for the people! Good for the community!  Good for the environment!  

    Many of our supporters who are unable to physically participate in our garden projects, show their support in other creative ways. Help sustain this "growing" movement.   Monetary support are appreciated and are tax deductible. 

    LAGG is a 501 (c) 3 under fiscal sponsor, Los Angeles Community Garden Council   

    Many thanks for your financial support!



  • published Earth Day 2016 is April 22 in Blog 2016-01-02 08:37:32 -0800

    LAGG Earth Day Celebration 2016 is April 23

    Earth Day 2016 is April 22

    Something to look forward to...

    Earth Day 2016 is Friday, April 22. 112 days from today.  

    What are you planning to do?


    JOIN LAGG's Earth Day celebration SATURDAY, APRIL 23.

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