Garden Mentor

Be a LAGG Garden Mentor

Our mentor program is designed to create a team of 2 garden mentors that will visit one to two LAGG gardens at three times each year.  

Visit Schedule:

  • February for the spring planting
  • June for harvest and summer replanting
  • September for fall planting

A mentor visit should last about 2 hours and normally involves answering garden questions, making suggestions and providing encouragement.  This is a teaching and cheer-leading time, and you do not have to know the answers to everything.  We support these new gardeners through their first few years as they learn the ups and downs, and bugs and bounty of normal gardening seasons. 

See Garden Mentor Checklist.

Along the way many questions may arise and we aim to be there to reassure and encourage.  Eventually, the garden recipient will hopefully feel that they are ready to begin mentoring themselves!

A strong garden mentor should be able to:

  • Work with another mentor as a team.
  • Schedule each mentor visit with their garden recipient (3x per year)
  • Give basic garden advice and encouragement.
  • Respond to correspondence from the program coordinator.
  • File a brief summary, aka Garden Follow Up Report, of each garden visit. 

Please do let me know if this sounds like a program in which you would like to be a part.  I will send you the program details and build you a team!

Happy Growing,
Isak Ziegner
LAGG Garden Mentor Coordinator
MG class of 2014


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
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