October in the LAGG Garden is Beautiful!


September 2020 Harvest!


Gorgeous new LAGG Teaching Garden Sign!


August 2020 Garden Fun!


Thanks to professional photographer Lauren Kallen for these gorgeous photos!


July 21, 2020 Garden Pests

July 8 and 15, 2020 Garden Progress


June 30, 2020 Garden Blooms and Harvest!


June 16, 2020 Garden Delights!



June 13, 2020 LAGG Thanks Our Volunteers!


June 9, 2020 Garden Fun!

June 7, 2020 Garden Cleanup


May 26, 2020 Garden Maintenance


May 19, 2020 Planting of Tomato Forest


May 9, 2020 Garden Cleanup


March 31, 2020 Garden Delights!

January 2020 Tree Pruning Workshop


January 18, 2020 MLK Day LAGG Teaching Garden Clean-Up and Planting


October 26, 2019 Enjoying the Garden


October 2019 Garden Talk at Baldwin Hills Library

October 2019 Children's Seed Bomb Workshop

October 2019 In the Garden

September 2019 UCLA Mulch Day

September 2019 Bokashi Workshop - photos by Michael Steiner

LAGG is grateful to Michael Steiner for providing these photos. Please find him on Instagram


September 2019 Bokashi Workshop 

August 2019 Garden Bounty

August 2019 Seed Gathering Workshop

August 2019 In The Garden

May 2019 Maggie and John's Garden


July 2019 Pickling Workshop


Laura and Erin Working the Garden


July 2019 Teaching Garden


Taste of Spring


Dig-in Home Spring Harvest


April 20, 2019


March 2019


January 2019


LAGG at Good Earth Community Garden MLK 2018 Clean Up



Teaching Garden - Halloween 2017



Good Earth Community Garden Clean Up - 10/28/2017



LAGG at 2017 FandangObon



Victory Gardener Classes in LAGG Teaching Garden / Sept-Oct 2017



August 2017 LAGG Teaching Garden Clearing



LA Green Grounds at 2016 FandangObon

The Faces of LA Green Grounds

LA Dig-In Volunteers

1st Dig-In: Celeste's Backyard

Earth Day

St. Mark's

Kid-Friendly Dig-Ins

Crenshaw High School


Mullen Avenue

Rimpau St.

Earth Day

5th Avenue




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