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  • published Yard Long Beans Recipe in Blog 2023-08-26 13:37:16 -0700

    Yard Long Beans Recipe

    yard long beans recipe

    This is a great “clean out fridge“ dish.

    So, use what you have...


    • Japanese fish broth (you can substitute with vegetable or chicken stock)
    • yard long beans
    • cherry tomatoes (you can substitute with regular tomatoes, cut up)
    • malabar spinach
    • kamaboko
    • bits of beef
    • leftover corn
    • udon noodles
    • a dash of soy sauce
    • ginger (optional) 
    • 1 Tb butter
    • 2 tsp honey
    • 2 Tb Harissa
    • 2 Tb mint
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  • Fun Earth Day Celebrated by LA Green Grounds with the Good Earth Community Garden!

    The 2023 Earth Day observance was a big success, lots of fun, and very informative.

    Sam brought very personable hens - and again they were a hit with both children and adults. Maybe if more people wore feathers and were slightly peckish, they'd be popular?

    Shalimar and Mary (and Naba helping out) were culinary hits -- a dynamic duo who showed everyone how to make really delicious food with vegetables — one of the ways all of us can help the earth by putting less pressure on resources and reduce carbon emissions. If EVERYONE did meatless meals even one day a week – it would make a difference. Shalimar's richly colorful and tasty greens (and orange), including with our garden veggies, was refreshing and fresh-tasting. Mary made an impressive pesto with carrot greens (which impressed all) and lightly candied dried lemon peels. Lots of questions about how to make all these - a sign of true interest. You can find the pesto recipe here.

    Beth and Jennifer at the Eco Products table

    Denise brought some unusual items to reduce waste and save resources - especially bamboo - which grows and replaces itself quickly - so it's a great renewable resource: bamboo eating utensils, including chopsticks, a straw and a tiny brush to clean it out. All fit into a nearly pocket fitting compact kit. Great to keep in your purse or in the car.

    I talked about the value of native plants for supporting the environment, including wildlife (and even people). I brought some samples - placed in vases - to show people they are as beautiful as any fancy rose. Go hiking in the next few weeks - local mountains are filled with these CA native plants - all in bloom, smelling fragrant and announcing Spring.

    Grace and Beth grew a variety of seedlings (cilantro, broccoli), and I brought peppers, tomatoes, basil from friend Steve List at Sylmar High School. People were delighted to carry home vegetables/herbs to plant.

    Jennifer made and gave away the cutest “earth” seed balls. Can’t wait to drop them before the next rainfall.

    Shalimar harvesting from the LAGG garden to serve lunch

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