Urban Garden In Crenshaw District Gets Reprieve


As discussed below and on our blog, LA Green Grounds and Ron Finley set up an edible garden at Ron Finley’s residence. The catch? It was a curbside park, that used to be turf. NBC Los Angeles features the garden both on air on on print:

“They consider this their garden. My thing is bring some, get some. Bring a shovel, a seed, weed, pick up some trash, harvest, help the harvest, just pay it forward,” Finley said.

However, not everyone liked the parkway transformation and someone complained to the city, which then cited Finley, and told him to get a permit or pay a hefty fine.

Once word got out, the community mobilized around the garden, and the city backed off, cancelling a hearing scheduled for Friday.

The victory goes to the garden, which continues to feed the neighborhood.

> View full video and read article here.

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