“Pruning is an art,” says Florence Nishida, the founder of LA Green Grounds.

And a daunting one at that.

Fruit trees are pruned in their dormant stage, and several needed winter pruning at the garden, including the fig, stone fruit and pomegranate trees. So, with attention to Covid-19 social distancing, three people gathered with Florence to do some pruning.

Pruning is done to keep a tree at a particular size, to keep the tree healthy and to ensure bountiful fruit. And that’s just the start. Particular branches should be cut – as Florence noted, the three Ds: dead, deranged and diseased branches. And the cuts need to be made in particular ways. For instance, cuts should be made cleanly, just above a node of new growth.

It’s important to learn from someone who knows how to prune, or to hire an experienced person. If you want to learn more, we recommend taking a look at a book called, reasonably enough, How to Prune Fruit Trees, by R. Sanford Martin. It’s a small book, originally published in 1944, and covers dozens of varieties.



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  • Betty King
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    I hope to see more great posts from you
  • auspiciouszesty fauly
    commented 2023-12-11 19:04:09 -0800
    Pruning is done to keep a tree at a particular size, to keep the tree healthy and to ensure bountiful fruit.
  • Jacob H.
    commented 2023-02-02 08:06:55 -0800
    Pruning truly is an art and I adore Florence’s work. I live in Victoria, BC pruning trees for a living but I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the LA Green Grounds several times. I love how Florence pays attention to not only which branches should be pruned but how they’re pruned. It’s for inspiring to read. Check out this link here to learn more about tree pruning as a service: If I could add one thing to this lovely article it’d be that it’s important not to prune a tree too much. If someone is doing it themselves and don’t have much experience it’s very easy to prune away too many branches, leaving the tree too bare. I’ll make sure to pick up How to Prune Fruit Trees the next time I visit the library.

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    #pruning #treecare
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