Japanese Sweet Potatoes

I'm not sure why the usually dark-red-skinned Japanese sweet potato that we planted in the LAGG Teaching Garden grew to be light-colored potatoes, but their taste was great!  It is also known as satsumaimo.

I finally baked mine last night.

We pulled them about three weeks ago.

Remember: sweet potatoes should be allowed to cure for at least two weeks after harvested. Don't wash the skin or scrub it hard to remove soil. The skin is very tender for a few weeks. To keep them in storage to cure without drying out, wrap each in two layers of newspaper, or a paper bag might work.

When ready, wash the skin well. Scrub lightly.

Bake in oven at 350 degrees until you can smell it cooking. Depending on the size and thickness, this is about 30 to 45 minutes. Squeeze it (through a pot holder, or use a fork) and remove from the oven when tender. Try not to over cook.

To serve, slice in half and add a bit of butter and eat hot. Delicious.

- Florence Nishida/Master Gardener & LAGG Founder


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