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  • commented on LAGG Celebrated MLK Day Working on Good Earth Community Garden 2018-01-05 11:29:24 -0800
    My sister showed me this website and said I need to do something like this as I work with gardeners every day. It’s amazing how many homeowners are willing to start community gardens in their properties. If you’re reading this and you have the power to do so please spread the love community gardens by researching their benefits and seeing what they can do for your city. Out here in Victoria we hundreds of homeless people eating organic vegetables on a daily basis, the ones who can stand the raw taste, and it has an impact not only on their hunger but their healt hand state of mind as well; because we’ve been learning that the mind needs vitamins and minerals to think at full capacity. It’s amazing how this one little niche of society has one of the greatest impacts. Thanks for spreading the kind word as I’ll be doing something very similar to this with my landscaping company and free time.

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    Dillon Jackson
    Victoria BC