Dig-In Renovation at Maggie & John's

We had a swell dig-in renovation May 19, 2019.

Linda and Naba worked really hard clearing out some of L.A.'s most persistent, annoying weed (Bermuda grass) from the south yard, while Maggie had worked over the last week on clearing the north yard. Results were fine when we left - with fig tree pruned, tomatoes, peppers, kohlrabi, beets, black kale, garlic, thyme and parsley, rhubarb planted in pretty fluffy beds freshly-laden with good compost (city source and free).

Maggie made a great tasting lentil soup and I brought steamed fava beans from the LAGG teaching garden. Maggie said, "Thanks to the amazing Green Grounds team that came again to help transform that Bermuda grass lawn to a food garden!"

NOTE:  Maggie & John's garden was first built by LA Green Grounds in 2012.  The garden across the street a few years later, still has a beautiful pomegranate tree, an enormous artichoke with many buds, both in the parkway, and a corner of the lawn devoted to kale and mustard greens.




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