Growing Potatoes


At the end of February, garden keepers planted just 6 sprouted potato buds. By The end of March, we had lush green plants. And by the end of May, Florence advised us that it was time to harvest our potatoes.


  • plant potato buds deep
  • cover potato buds with mounds of dirt and hay as they grow


In June, the old potato bed was dug up and compost added to plant squash there next. Found a few more potatoes! Good finds!

That was a good place to plant them - and people really took care to water that bed.


  • Keep the potatoes out of sunlight
  • It only takes 15 minutes exposure for that green skin to develop, which is toxic to eat
  • Peel off the green part and still eat the potato
  • Don't leave potatoes out on the bed to "cure" - you bring them into shade right away


Contributed by Naba, Grace and Florence


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